Welcome to Älmhults Cricket Club!

Are you ready for an action-packed cricket season with ÄCC? We invite children, women as well as men for weekly practice and cricket matches. Membership is now open. Join us!

Club Calendar

Check out our action packed club calendar with training sessions, friendly as well as competition matches for youth, womens and mens cricket team. Don’t forget to register yourself for the event you’d like to join so we can plan well. See you soon.

Meet Älmhults Cricket Club

Älmhults Cricket Club (ÄCC) was founded in 2015 to promote game of Cricket in Älmhult Kommun and Sweden. ÄCC’s spirit is based on respect and understanding multicultural values. Club’s aim is to play fair competitive Cricket where every active member gets fair chance to compete in Svenska Cricketförbundet (SCF) cricket league matches and social games.

ÄCC is a member of the following specialidrottsförbund (SF): Svenska Cricket Förbundet (SCF) and is thereby also connected to Sveriges Riksidrottsförbund (RF).

ÄCC Board

Chairman - Rahul Ganju
Cashier - Ranjan Samal
Secretary - Abdul Wasi


Eneborgsvägen 3, 343 72 Eneryda, Sweden