Club Rules


Älmhult Cricket Club is founded in 2015 to promote game of Cricket in Älmhult Kommun and Country. Älmhult Cricket Club’s spirit is based on respect and understanding multicultural values.

The objectives of ÄCC is:

(a) To provide a platform for people interested in cricket to play and enjoy taking part in cricket activities.

(b) To increase the Awareness and Interest for Cricket as a Sport among the Swedish population through developmental activities including Training, events and Competitions as a Non-Profit Organization.

(c) To develop Youth Cricket and Women’s Cricket in Älmhult to promote healthy lifestyle.

(d) To Support and encourage the playing of Cricket in accordance with the Laws of Cricket, Laws of Svenska CricketFörbundet and display the best traditions of sportsmanship at all times.


Refer to section 2.1 in the stadgar for information on gaining membership in ÄCC.

  • Membership fee for year : 500 SEK
  • Training/matches fee for year : 700 SEK
  • Match & Training fee for youth (under 13 years old) for year : 1000 SEK
  • Membership fee + training/match fee cover all expenses including travelling and food.
  • Membership fee and training/match fee is same for everyone; even if someone joins the club in the middle of the year. ÄCC board has no right to reduce, remove and give concession to any member’s membership or training/match fee.
  • Annual membership fee is a non-refundable fee in any circumstances.

Cancellation of Membership

Refer to section 2.4 and section 2.5 in the stadgar.

ÄCC Board keeps the right to ban/suspend member for certain period or revoke membership, refer to examples below.

  • Member indulges in verbal or physical violence with any ÄCC members, umpire or any other Cricket Club in Sweden.
  • Member racially abuse any fellow club member, umpire or any other Cricket Club in Sweden.
  • Member breaches club’s drug policy and involves himself/herself in use of drugs and doping.
  • Member does not act according to ÄCC and SCF rules and guidelines.
  • Member involves himself/herself in activities harming ÄCC interest e.g. get involved in activities which cause ÄCC financial & goodwill loss, push members to play for another clubs etc.

Every member is expected to follow the Stadgar and club rules, respect multicultural environment and work voluntarily without getting paid.

Insurance during practice and matches:

All registered members training and playing SCF matches are insured from folksam for each 20 overs and 30/40 overs game he/she is playing with ÄCC. There is no insurance for friendly matches and each individual player is responsible his wellbeing as well as other club members. The club will though provide first aid assistance.

The elected board position / members for year 2021

Chairman: Siddharth Rana
Secretary: Shiraz Aziz
Cashier: Abdul Wasi

The elected board will work continuously for the improvement of game and club. Any changes in the rules will be shared with club for effective implementation.

ÄCC Team captain

The Board will appoint team captain (s) for the season from amongst ÄCC members. The Board’s decision would be final and binding to all members in team captain selection. The position of captain is given to those athletes whom the rest of the team respect and trust to lead the team in the right direction.

The responsibilities for team captain will be as follows:

Team captains play a vital role because they provide leadership and serve as a liaison between the board and the team. Captains embody 3 C’s in leading their team: Caring, Courageous, and Consistent.

  • Read and understand the SCF rules and policies as they pertain to ÄCC team’s participation.
  • Notify team members of date, place and time of contests, shirt color, or schedule changes via
  • Captain will lead the selected team in SCF match
  • Captain is accountable for team behaviour prior/after and during the match. In case of any misbehavior, the captain shall report it to the board within 2 days of the match completion.
  • Captain selects the team for the match based on criteria set by the board and announces team on by Thursday prior to the match.
  • Captain is responsible for match fee collection, pay fees or any expenses occurring for the match and deposit remaining amount with Cashier.
  • Captain is the only responsible person to lead all discussions with the Umpires on the ground.
  • Captain collect scoresheet photos and umpire report at the end of the match and ensure SCF received them in due time.
  • Captain shall make a simple match summary in his own words and post it together with the scoresheet photo on
  • Captain has responsibility of the team kit bag and equipment for both home and away matches.
  • Captain shall meet with the board on the last Sunday of every month between 15:00-16:00 for a update and alignment meeting.

The Board can replace captain at any time during the season who fail to take responsibilities, disrespect club members and uphold club values.

Trainings & ÄCC trainer

To remain ready and in form for playing competitive Cricket, ÄCC organizes outdoors training sessions. All members can take part in trainings.

Outdoors training is conducted from end of April (weather permits) weekly and training details will be informed well in advance.

The Board will appoint team trainer (s) for the season from amongst ÄCC members. The Board’s decision would be final and binding to all members in team trainer selection.

The responsibilities for team trainer will be as follows:

Team trainer work in conjunction with the captain to ensure all players reach and maintain required fitness levels and ensure they have a safe, healthy and enjoyable training and playing environment.

  • Control the warm-up, cool-down and stretching drills for all players.
  • Ensure all players get the necessary practice for the role they play in the team.
  • Ensure all players observe the rules in relation to head injuries.
  • Ensure that all necessary team first aid equipment is available.
  • Ensure the various equipment required by the team is available: for example, water bottles, cricket balls, team kit, access to facilities like changing rooms and toilets.

The Board can replace trainer at any time during the season who fail to take responsibilities, disrespect club members and uphold club values.

Team selection process

All members of the club who have no outstanding payments will be considered in the selection procedure.
Selection procedure consists of following two basic steps:

  • Selection of players’ pool (TEAM Plus)
    Board will finalize a pool of players for the series. This pool will consist of 15 (or more) players. We call it “Team Plus”. Ideally it should be valid for whole series but Board will have the responsibility to review it after every 5thmatch of the series for any potential update, adjustment or change. Board will not review or change it before every 5th match to maintain the consistency unless there is any special need. The selection criteria for the TEAM PLUS would be based on but not limited to following factors,
  • Participation in trainings
  • Performance in trainings
  • Fitness Level
  • Performance in last series
  • Performance in last five matches.
  • Disciplinary performance
  • Availability
  • Board’s recommendation for talent development.

The sequence of factors does not reflect weightage or importance scale.

  • Playing team:

Captain will have the authority to select the playing team for every match from the TEAM Plus. This selection will be done every Thursday before the match and will be shared with the team by the captain via Team selection done is final and binding to all members. However, member can ask for selection reasons and bring forward their opinion (in a positive manner) to team captain or ÄCC board.

Important: Board and captain will make sure the best possible selection through the above mentioned two step procedure in order to achieve best of team’s performance and development of cricket and talent in the club. The selection process will be continuously reviewed by the Board on monthly basis for any improvements which will be immediately communicated to all members, if happened.

Cricket Match

Team captain is totally in charge of the team’s behavior in and off the field during the match.
During the Match, team captain together with vice-captain (if appointed), handover the responsibilities to team (boundary flag, arrange drinking water, setting up table, chairs & scoreboard, scorekeeping and leg umpire rotations etc.); all team members are expected to carry these duties as assigned to them.

After the match, all playing 11 are expected to stow boundary flags, chair and tables, other equipment’s carefully back in the ÄCC storage room.

Team will gather at a specified time and venue for the match to prepare for match. Any member late for some reason, must inform captain well in time.

Team captain will communicate match plan prior to start; captain is allowed to make adjustment to game plan as game progress. Team captain together with vice-captain (if appointed), decide batting and bowling order and rotation according to game plan; one can’t expect to bowl and bat in every match. The club expects a good sportsman’s spirit from each individual member and believe in their contribution as a team.

Team members will not confront other team members, opposite team and umpires. In case of any dispute, team captain will take lead in negotiating with other team captain and umpire.

Team members can provide suggestions to captain & vice-captain (if appointed), in a constructive manner. However members can’t expect the captain to follow their suggestions. Captain’s decisions will be final and binding to team.

Team members expect to deposit match fee in advance and/or bring match fee in cash before match to handover to the captain as advised.

Team Captain will hold short meeting after each match to get reflection on activities happened during the match. All members are expected to provide constructive feedback and share their opinion in positive way. Captain is responsible to facilitate a clear discussion and document it with a match report where applicable.

Travel Policy for matches

All members playing SCF matches will have to travel together with the team. Members who own cars are encourage to show togetherness and willingness to share cars when travelling for matches. Captain and Vice-captain (if appointed), is responsible to secure travel plan in advance and nominate volunteers for sharing cars. Members will be compensated for bringing cars to/from scheduled match venue for fuel cost upon submitting the refueling receipt.

Punctuality for Home/away matches

It is very important for members to show on time when playing home matches or going out to play matches and must come on time on the designated place to depart. Members who will take their cars for the games expected to refuel their cars prior to meeting time.

Drug and Bullying Policy

The drug is a substance that is intoxicating and / or addictive. Drugs are with this definition, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, certain medicines and drug preparations. All members, team players, club activity participants and officials shall not use or in any way be concerned in the use or distribution of illegal drugs (also including but not limited to all drugs outlined in the relevant WADA and SCF, Riksidrottsförbundet & Kommun anti-doping codes). It is completely forbidden to use alcohol and tobacco during training session and matches.

All members, team players, club activity participants and officials neither intimidate, assault nor attempt to intimidate nor assault an umpire, another player or a spectator nor make offensive gestures nor hand signals nor deliberately distract an opponent.

All members, team players, club activity participants and officials shall not make racially abusive comments nor indulge in racially abusive actions against fellow players, officials, members and supporters.

Grievance Committee

ÄCC Board believe that every member of the club is equal and must get attention and respect at all times. In case of a concern not heard during a practice session or in a match, a member is unhappy on team selection and/or unable to resolve his concern with the team captain, then every member has the right to bring the concern to grievance committee. In case of grievance with board, it is equally important to bring that into discussion. It will be listened and discussed in the equal manner.

Member of the grievance committee

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Team captain
  • Team vice-captain (If appointed)
  • 2 team members – randomly chosen for each complaint

The board believe in transparency with all members, so when any case brought up to the grievance committee, it will be openly share to all team members once decided.
Process of addressing the concern and time for action will be as follows; any concern should be send by email to the Chairman. The Chairman will then call for a meeting within 3-5 working days with all nominated members of the grievance committee. The case should then be discussed and solved with two weeks of the first meeting.

In case of no conclusion, an AGM will be called to support and close the concern.